Who We Are

Productive Networking is a network group designed to assist like-minded business owners to grow their businesses together.

The goal of our group is to foster a long-lasting network that engages business owners from a variety of business industries. Our group strives to cultivate and grow business through developing relationships and referrals. The group provides business connections and resources to its members through various events including monthly meetings, guest speakers and special events.

Members share their experiences, ideas and concerns to support and encourage one another.

Productive Networking Committee

Our elected positions for 2016 are featured below.

Karen, Melinda and Liz


Networking Benefits

Principles of effective networking

Deal professionally, honestly and provide top-quality service to all Networking Business Club members and their referral clients

  • Adhere to the legal, proper and ethical standards of my profession
  • Respect and treasure all referrals
  • Endeavour to attend all Networking Business Clubs meetings
  • Actively promote the other members’ businesses and seek to enlarge the group membership and referrals.

Qualities of a great networker

  • One who gives without the expectation of something in return
  • One who does things for others without the expectation of something in return
  • The belief that there is an abundance of opportunity
  • The belief in expanding the pie, not fighting over the pieces
  • The belief in the “Law of Reciprocity” – what is given comes back ten-fold
  • The belief that your business needs will be met (and exceeded) by giving to others, referrals, thank you notes, recommendations, written testimonials etc
  • The belief in the ripple effect – one contact leading to many opportunities
  • Having FUN whilst networking, it’s not hard work
  • Building win/win relationships
  • Being accessible, approachable and available
  • Being yourself